How Kevlar Can Protect Against Knife And Spike Attacks

How Kevlar Can Protect Against Knife And Spike Attacks


Since Kevlar® was launched by DuPont in 1971, it has been instrumental in the fight against violent crimes around the world. Kevlar® is used by law enforcement agencies across the world, as well as by individuals who may be in danger of stab or spike attacks. Attacks from edged and spiked weapons normally occur when the assailant is in close proximity to the target. For this reason, vests that protect against these threats are extremely popular for police officers, security guards and doormen, as well as individuals who may be worried about a personal attack. If for any reason you believe that somebody may try to attack you with a knife or sharp object, you should consider buying a Kevlar® vest for your protection.

Kevlar®: The Lightweight Protective Material

A huge reason for the widespread popularity of Kevlar® body armours is their weight. Kevlar® is very light in comparison to other body armour materials, so most people can wear a Kevlar® made vest comfortably for long periods of time without their movement being limited. This is a huge advantage for people who are required to wear body armour for extended periods of time for work – wearing a Kevlar® made vest will ensure that an individual’s functionality will not be limited in a potentially dangerous situation.

Kevlar® has helped to save many lives in the nightclub and entertainment industry. Body armour allows security guards working on the doors of nightclubs to feel safe. This extra level of personal security means they can diffuse any threatening situations with the confidence that their own safety will not be compromised. Unprotected bouncers may be reluctant to approach intoxicated people out of fear of violent attacks. Armed victims who are intoxicated pose a much larger threat to those around them. Intoxicated individuals can be volatile and unpredictable, so it is important for guards to be fully prepared for the dangers they may be facing. A Kevlar® vest with stab and spike rating will protect against edged and spiked attacks from objects such as knives, broken bottles and syringes.

Applications for Prison Officers

Kevlar® made body armour has also played a huge part in the protection of law enforcers in prison environments. Maximum security prisons house some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, and the safety of the employees working in these environments is paramount. Prisoners serving life sentences, in particular, can be extremely dangerous, as they may feel as though they have nothing to lose. This could make them volatile and prone to violence, either with the prison guards or fellow prisoners. Generally, in a prison environment, ballistic protection is not the most important defence needed. Weapons in a prison are likely to be spontaneous or homemade sharp objects. In order to enforce order and safety in such prisons, guards must be fully protected against all threats through the use of spike and stab protection body armours.

Different types of Kevlar® body armour are designed to counter specific threats. Stab protection armour cannot stop spike attacks and vice versa.  You must therefore carefully consider the threat you are likely to face before purchasing body armour.