There is a huge variety of body armours available on the market today. Body armour comes in a range of levels that are individually catered to different types of threats. It is important for you to take the time to inform yourself about the different types of armour available to you before making a purchase. Not all body armour offers the same levels of protection from different dangers. If you choose to buy body armour without learning about its level and protective abilities, you could end up with less protection than you really need. In order to keep yourself as protected and as safe as possible, it is vital to ensure that you are wearing the right body armour for the level of protection you require. This can only be accomplished through the utilisation of the correct protective gear.

Aramid Soft Armour Vests 

Aramid made vests are soft armour vests made from tightly woven, extremely strong fibres. These vests are typically worn to protect from small arms fire. Aramid vests are among the most common vests worn today - it is likely that the average individual who requires a vest on a daily basis will be wearing one made from aramid. The reason for the popularity of aramid vests is clear. They are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear regularly, yet give the added protection needed to survive small arms fire. It is, however, important to remember that aramid made vests are not technically bullet proof, but bullet resistant. At a close enough range, a weapon can still do damage. While the vest will stop the bullet from penetrating a person’s flesh and causing deadly damage, a gunshot can still cause blunt force trauma to the internal organs of an individual wearing a soft armour vest. Many professions such as law enforcements officers, bodyguards and security guards wear soft armour vests on a daily basis due to their light weight and comfort levels offered. Aramid vests are available in covert or overt options, with both offering great options for protection. Many undercover officers and agents find that covert aramid vests give them the protection they need to carry out their jobs, without allowing others to know that they are wearing body armour at all.

Hard Ballistic Plates

For an individual who is under much greater threat, rifle resistant armour is an alternative choice to aramid armour. This armour will provide an individual with the added protection that they will need to stay protected when under rifle fire. The hard plates used in rifle resistant armour are often much heavier than other forms of protection, so it is vital that this armour is only worn when it is absolutely necessary. Hard body armour typically allows the wearer limited mobility, and can be uncomfortable and heavy when worn for long periods of time. It may be detrimental to wear body armour with a higher protection level than required, especially in cases where the wearer is expected to be able to move around quickly. Rifle resistant armour is often worn by soldiers who need to protect themselves against more severe bullet threats. These soldiers have to train wearing the armour before they can wear it in a high combat area. This provides them with much needed experience, giving them the ability to learn how the armour feels on their body, as well as how to manoeuvre properly in the armour.

Stab and Spike Proof Vests

Stab and spike resistant vests are ideal for someone who comes into close contact with dangerous individuals. Prison guards, door attendants, and some officers wear stab and spike resistant vests to protect them from knives, syringes, or other sharp instruments that can be used to stab someone. Stab and spike proof vests are typically woven from a special material that keeps you safe by catching and stopping the blade before it can penetrate into your body.

These types are vests are woven from a special material that will keep you safe if someone were to try to stab you. There are some stab resistant vests that have ballistic protection added to them. These vests will typically protect you from some small arms fire and give them stabbing protection. This is the ideal body armour for someone who does not know what type of situation he or she may be facing in the near future.