Who is SafeGuard Clothing?

When buying body armour, it is important that you buy from a distributor that you can trust. We at SafeGuard Clothing understand how important body armour is to our customers and take the time to ensure that we provide only the highest quality of body armour to our customers. We have conducted extensive research to determine exactly what we needed to do to make our company different from the other body armour distributors on the market. Our findings showed that customers wanted to buy their body armour from a company that was established, trustworthy, and dependable. We are a company that can help you get the right body armour to fit your needs, at a price that you can afford.

Who Needs to Wear Body Armour?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that body armour is only worn by military members or law enforcement officers. While these professions do tend to wear body armour on a regular basis, private individuals also wear body armour quite frequently. If someone works in a dangerous part of town or does not feel safe in certain locations, they could wear body armour under their clothing to get the protection they need to feel as safe as they possibly can. There is body armour available for men and women. The armour can be worn under or over the clothing so that someone has the option of being as discreet as they choose to be.

Why Should You Buy Your Body Armour from SafeGuard Clothing?

SafeGuard Clothing is a trusted retailer of the highest quality body armour. Unlike other body armour distributors who only sell to select areas of the world, we are a trusted global retailer. We have helped people to get the protection they need in many countries throughout the world and do not limit our sales to one location. We at SafeGuard Clothing feel that anyone anywhere should be able to feel safe regardless of what they are doing. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone can afford to protect themselves with high quality, affordable body armour.

Why Is our Body Armour Different?

We have taken the time to determine which protective panels are the safest and most durable. Through our extensive research, we determined that the 100% aramid protective panels were the best panels available on the market. We sell this specific aramid in our body armour because it has proven to give optimal protection to a wearer. Aramid is manufactured in the USA through a well-known and trusted process. The professionals know what they are doing and have taken the time to perfect the protective panels. You can rest assured that you are well protected.

Why should SafeGuard Clothing be trusted?

We have taken the time to build confidence and rapport with our clients. We have a team of experts who know everything there is to know about body armour working for us. We make sure that our clients are able to get any guidance or advice that they may need regarding body armour and know that extensive knowledge is the key to delivering the right information to our clients.

What makes SafeGuard Clothing Customer Service Unique?

Many body armour distributors hire individuals to answer customer questions without determining if they have any prior knowledge about body armour. The individuals are handed a manual and told to look up any answer that a customer may need. This does not allow you to get any information that you could not get yourself. We at SafeGuard Clothing think that you should get expert information when you call to speak with a customer service agent. We ensure that our agents know what they are talking about and have extensive knowledge about body armour that extends much further than what is found on the pages of a magazine. We have live agents that you can speak with and ask them anything about body armour.