Body armour is designed to offer protection against specific kinds of threats. Whereas ballistic body armour is designed to stop high and low-velocity bullets, stab armour is designed to offer protection against cutting objects such as knives. Spike protection armour is designed to offer protection against sharp pointed objects such as ice picks, needles and syringes.

Sharp pointed objects normally penetrate through the tiny spaces between the fabric threads without actually destroying the fabric. They are, therefore, very dangerous as they pose significant threats to security guards and other law enforcement agents.   

Spike proof body armour is made of strong, heat resistant synthetic material that can stop even very thin sharp-pointed objects such as needles. When wearing spike body armours, security guards are guaranteed protection against spike attacks. Most spike protection armour is made of laminated Kevlar® fabrics so as to offer maximum protection.

Where Can Spike Protection Armours Be Used?

Unlike ballistic body armour, spike protection armour is meant to be used by security guards who are likely to get into close proximity with assailants. A security guard is often in grave danger whenever he/she has to get into close contact with assailants. Spike protection body armour should, therefore, be used by prison guards, doormen and doorwomen.

Security guards that are protected against spike threats are likely to do their job more efficiently than those who are not protected. Prison guards without a protective vest may not dare to face the convicts out of fear of a spike attack. The only way that guards can comfortably enter prison cells is by ensuring that they have spike protection body armour.

Why Protect Security Guards Against Spike Attacks?

It is important to note that security guards are human beings just like the rest of us. While it may be their job to protect other people, they will also be concerned about their own wellbeing.

The safer a security guard feels, the more effectively they will be able to carry out their job.