How do bullet proof vests work?

How do bullet proof vests work?

Everybody knows that bulletproof vests are made to decrease the chances of being injured, however many do not know how they work. 

To know that you are truly protected by the vest you are wearing, you should understand how it works. Knowing this can help you to choose the right vest for your needs.

What are bulletproof vests made from?

Bulletproof vests are made from a very strong, very durable fibre called aramid. Aramid was originally designed for use in tyres but was later shown to be stronger than anyone could have ever imagined. The fibres were then tightly woven together to form the bulletproof panel that is used in carriers today. 

Ballistic plates are made from many layers of woven aramid fibres. Each layer adds a level of protection to the plate. Some plates are thicker and so heavier than others. Thicker plates are designed to withstand larger rounds while the typical plate that is used for everyday wear, is lightweight and thin so does not offer the protection against the same rounds. 

How do aramid plates work?

When a bullet comes into contact with the plate, the fibres absorb the impact and disperse the energy throughout the plate. When body armour was first used, the fact that the energy needed to be dispersed was not known. Many people were protected from the actual penetration of the bullet but later died from the internal injuries they sustained from the impact of the bullet. Internal organs are very sensitive to extreme impact and to avoid injury, developers figured out that aramid should be woven together so that it would disperse the energy from the bullet.

Bulletproof vests worn today are designed to take the impact and disperse it. Each vest is designed to withstand rounds of bullets according to a certain protection leve. It is important to be sure that you are wearing a vest that offers the protection that suits your needs. A vest that has been designed for small ammunition fire will not have the ability to disperse the energy that comes from a larger round. This means that the round could pass through the vest or the impact could cause internal injuries. It is best to take the time to assess the dangers that you are facing so that you can be sure that you are wearing the right level of protection. This can help to ensure you are safe at all times and that the vest can work the way that it is meant to. 

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