Stab threat protection is the protection offered by body armour against cutting objects such as knives and broken bottles. Knives and other cutting objects have always been ranked among the most dangerous weapons in situations where security guards have to get into close contact with assailants. If the guard is not provided with stab protection, he/she is at great risk as a stab wound can be fatal.

On the other hand, spike threat protection is the protection offered by body armour against sharp pointed objects such as needles and ice picks. Such weapons are very common in prisons and parts of cities with criminal gangs. Law enforcers are always at risk of a spike attack whenever they have to get into close contact with prisoners or criminal gangs.

Cutting objects normally penetrate fabrics by tearing the threads in the fabric. On the contrary, sharp pointed objects don’t tear the fabric - they just penetrate through the tiny spaces between threads. The level of damage caused by the cutting and sharp objects depends on the force exerted by the assailant and the level of sharpness.

Due to the high number of attempted spike and stab attacks, no security firm or government law enforcement agency can afford to operate without protection. In extreme cases, spike and stab attacks can lead to amputation or even death. This explains why security firms and law enforcement agencies have to invest in the right body armour for their employees.

Who is at risk of a spike or stab attack?

In general, security guards who are likely to get into close proximity with criminals and assailants are at a high risk of a spike or stab attack. They include prison guards, bouncers, doormen and doorwomen. If you are thinking of setting up an entertainment club or hosting a concert, then you have to consider investing in spike or stab protection body armour.

Spike and stab protection body armour is very important for security guards in crowded places and at events where participants are likely to be intoxicated. This is mainly because intoxication can lead to erratic behaviour and/or fights. Drunk and armed people can be very dangerous to themselves and to other revellers and security guards. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that all guards and bouncers are fully protected with spike and stab body armours.

Before deciding to buy any body armour, you should note that armours are designed to offer protection against specific threats. This means that spike protection armour cannot offer protection against stab protection. Stab protection armour on the other hand cannot offer protection against a spike attack. You, therefore, have to consider the kind of threat you are up against before investing in any body armour. When fully protected, any guard or bouncer can do his job properly without fearing for his life.